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Houston - TX
Photography and Web Design
We Know Small Business

So who is Mosaic Media?

As a web design and premier media company in Houston, we pride ourselves on delivering aesthetically pleasing, visually powerful, dynamic websites that showcase the individuality of the business owner and personalizes their brand. We work with a team of individuals who specialize in web design, web development, data science, and content marketing consultants to deliver effective branding and practical methodologies for the marketing needs of small businesses.

We own every camera, light, computer, and design tool that we employ in our process. We're not only a media company, we are a mosaic of individuals who have been involved in over 20 small businesses. We genuinely understand the marketing needs of business owners in the modern economy and have aided in the creation and development of personal brands for several top producers in a gamut of industries.


we look to help small businesses achieve bold and powerful brands.

It Takes A Team
Combining all the necessary elements of building a brand relies on the self-correcting mechanisms of a team approach.
In-House Solutions
We own every camera, light, computer, and design tool that we employ in our process. We do not outsource personnel or equipment.
Continued Support
Need advice? Consider our team a resource. We're here to offer guidance and provide resources that can help you simplify a complex task.

Meet the team

I am an Armenian-American businessman with a passion for good design, intelligent marketing, and creative solutions for small businesses. As someone who has started and developed several small businesses, I have years of personal insight into this world where margins matter and time is truly everything. I've not only started and grown my own businesses, but my interest in marketing became experimental and more innovative as I started working with other business owners with unique needs. Seeing those night and day transformations be directly attributed to the creative power of branding, writing, and advertising- served as the driving force to create Mosaic Media. We're not only good at this, but we enjoy it immensely.

Wael Esmair

meet the team

I am a Hispanic-American photographer, videographer, and audio engineer. My interests as a creator started in personal projects with friends, my focus orbited around music and gradually moved to exploring film, videography, photography, and editing techniques. Photography allows me to have a place to make creative decisions and use a variety of tools with curiosity and reap immediate results. The joy I get from seeing a concept come to life is something I continue to experience every time I pick up a camera. I have over a decade of experience working with audio engineering and I feel fortunate that I have a place to leverage these skills to benefit the projects of others.

Joseph Herrera
Lead Photographer/ Creative Director

Meet the team

I'm a Brazilian web designer/developer who loves to make websites. My greatest satisfaction is to see the customer completely satisfied with his new website after delivery. I always try to exceed the expectations created. I started working at a large agency in Brazil and there I got a lot of experience to make the sites faster, more elegant and more personalized.

A website is the company's main gateway, and sometimes the only one. I fully understand how essential this is. Getting the customer's tastes and needs, the site is built with a lot of dedication, care and inspiration so that everything is perfect!

Felipe Mongenot
Web Designer/Developer

We're to help houston small businesses.

Professional Photography
We believe that photography is the key to developing a bold and powerful brand.
Professional Websites
Creative and intuitive web design the way you visualize and deliver valuable services to your clients.

“Photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth which can make them come back again.”
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Let The Work Begin.
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